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Communication and Offtopic / Challenge yourself to Gamesbx's skill sets
« Last post by GamesBX2910 on December 24, 2019, 07:04:10 AM »
Hello everyone, I am Gamesbx. To become a gamer, first of all your skills must be proficient from typing keyboard to moving buttons on the phone ... So try to join their gaming team (gamers GAMESBX )
Gamesbx games will test every aspect of your gaming talent. You can go back to the old days and try classic levels such as Asteroids, Snake, and thousands of other adventure games that have gone down in history! Shoot enemies in classic 2D games with 8-bit graphics and electronic audio. Or you can come to the 21st century to try dancing or launching rockets. From competition to reflexes, your gaming skills will be tested to the extreme! Quickly complete each challenge and show off your skills to show the world how every true gamer must play!

Each game will challenge you in different ways. Hold your hands to search for a maze in a mouse game! Follow the instructions carefully to avoid ending the game too soon! Test your reflexes in speed challenges. Stack different types of objects in construction games, or some classic action screen! You will also try many types of snake games, or risk your life when mining gold in the ground. You can also throw a doll to inflict extreme damage! Improve your current gaming skills with a series of adventures to assess talent!

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Communication and Offtopic / GamesBX games are the trend and most convenient today
« Last post by Gamesbx2 on December 04, 2019, 03:46:28 AM »

hello reader
What about games with you as a gift to you in everyday life? You can say no to you and I am okay. I will tell you why right here
  Everyday life is filled with work while not much rest time makes you feel stressed out. I, like you, and I find myself a way to relieve stress or pressure in everyday life. That is, I spend a bit of my time after a day working to play games because when I play games I feel more comfortable. There are many ways to relieve the pressure of work or life but the game is the fastest and most convenient because it's quite simple.
 Come to Gamesbx you will feel more comfortable. At Gamesbx you can imagine and show your skills and unique gameplay. The special thing when coming to the web is that you do not need to register completely free of diverse game genres from the game genre. action shooting, driving until the strategy game type game girl puzzle game ... constantly updated every day with two main game forms that are io and htlm5 suitable for all players or how to play Extremely simple and here you can still connect with other players in the world through the group play mode., not as restrictive as the other online game forms, maybe it will help you. Get new ideas to solve some job issues. Not only that, but it also has some benefits for us, for example, when playing games helps us to reflect faster with better hands and eyes, this will have a positive effect on you when playing sports. outdoors or handle situations that need ultra-fast reflexes in everyday real life.
  Improve the thinking appropriate for people doing tasks such as planning or strategy, For video games always offer challenges from easy to difficult, requiring the player to think with a sensitive brain. his sharpness. And from there outline the reasonable strategies and plans, 'defeat' all difficulties of the game. In fact this will also assist you at work, improve your thinking skills, plan the right strategies and create success.
  Playing games helps you know how to coordinate in teamwork, treat chronic illnesses, relieve pain, good for the eyes, play better sleep, but the special thing here is to help you be more assertive in situations. handling
 In parallel, the benefits are also the shortcomings that everything has two sides, so we should not overdo it, anything too good is not good. Should play the game moderately and take care of your health. Still hesitate any more to play the game, guys, I forgot that it is not the end of the hour, so make sure you finish the work and play.
 Gamesbx places entertainment as well as creativity. Have a nice day.
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Communication and Offtopic / The benefits of playing video games for children
« Last post by gamesbx1102 on October 28, 2019, 07:43:19 AM »
Recently, Dr. Cheryl Olson, a psychologist working at Harvard Medical School, wrote a report regarding children's play motivation, published in the Review of General Psychology. The report includes research results led by Dr. Cheryl Olson at Harvard Medical School and survey data from interviews with over 1,000 school-aged children. Research shows eight reasons that video games are good for a child's development.
-Teach children creative and problem-solving skills
Video games can help children develop their brains. When watching his son play a game, Dr. Cheryl realized he had to search, negotiate, plan and try approaches to overcome many levels in the game.
-Inspire to learn about culture and history
The content of certain games can encourage children to read and research. Some games make children more interested in world history, geography, ancient culture and international relations. With games like this, children also learn more languages, content, good things for future learning.
-Help children make friends
Contrary to parents, most children see video games as a social activity rather than an independent game. Video games create a common playground for children to make friends, allow them to hang out and create constructive time. In Dr. Cheryl's study, boys like to play games with a group of friends with similar interests and they prefer to talk about games.
-Encourage advocacy
In the study of Dr. Cheryl, gamers (especially men) talk about new moves, new tricks on basketball courts, in skateboarding ... have learned from video games about sports. love playing real life sports.
A boy told the team: "In sports simulation games, you find that the characters play very well. If you try to play in real life and keep practicing again and again, you can play well. than".
-Allow your child to share joy and competition
Competition for recognition and reward is normal and healthy for children, especially boys. In a survey by Dr. Cheryl and his team of teenage boys, most admitted to liking competing with others and winning. That is the most common reason for playing games.
-Give children opportunities to lead
When playing a group game, children often take turns taking leadership positions depending on the specific skills needed in the game. In Nick Yee's research at the Palo Alto Research Center, young people who play video games in groups feel they have gained leadership skills such as persuasion, encouragement and reconciliation.
-Provide teaching opportunities
About one-third of children surveyed said they played the game partly because they liked to teach others how to play. Some children are praised by you for constantly finding ways to overcome difficult parts in the game and teaching people. This teaching helps children build communication skills, social skills as well as patience.
-Help parents and children closer together
Dr. Cheryl told the recent story, where she saw a 10-year-old girl teach her mother how to play music games with assistive devices that were identical to a real guitar. Incidentally, the game has some favorite songs from the mother's teenage and college years. It makes her curious and attracted to this game.
Technical Support / How to Create an Email Database
« Last post by Hasanaali147 on October 27, 2019, 11:21:34 AM »
In the event that you are searching for the switch email registry online which can give you the most dependable and precise data about any email proprietor then you have gone to the perfect spot. Today numerous individuals are searching for the solid source to locate the proprietor of the email address from their inbox. You may need to reconnect with your lost companions or family members or even with your lost love. On the off chance that this is the situation, at that point the previously mentioned administration is the ideal answer for return to your lost contacts. Here is the way you can do it in simple to pursue steps.

First thing you need to know is there are essentially two sorts of administration accessible online today.

1) Free email query: These are the free email database catalogs which give you free access to perform turn around email query. I realize this is the conspicuous decision for some individuals as it doesn't cost you a solitary dime. Yet, let me reveal to you the way that my own experience tells that these administration are only a burns through of your time. Since there are a great many email locations are made and impaired each and every day.

With many free administrations, any individual can make numerous records with any of these administrations. In this circumstance, it turns out to be hard for these free administrations to oversee and keep up the email databases with the accessible low level innovation framework.

2) Premium invert email address search: On the opposite side, premium switch email catalogs are exceptionally best in class and have the most recent innovation foundation which is expected to oversee and keep up the gigantic email databases. In addition they offer quality help and backing with numerous extra administrations like you can likewise locate the extra close to home subtleties like private location, area guide and government records, and so on.

Despite the fact that they have negligible forthright expenses, it is extremely advantageous your speculation. You get the most refreshed and exact data with respect to any email address you search or you can look by name of the individual to get their significant subtleties like email address and contact numbers.
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Server Hard / drivelanultra-pills.eu
« Last post by ocucohig on October 12, 2019, 05:10:07 AM »
http://www.drivelanultra-pills.eu/pt/ Diets & Weight Loss The Engine 2 Diet By Rip Esselstyn
Hello friends,

Today I would like to introduce a widely used and prosperous web game, called GAMESBX. Here I specialize in providing a variety of action games, puzzle games, racing games and more free others. It’s collecting the best games in the world with .io and html5 formats. This is an easy to use game that is trusted by most users for main entertainment purposes. When we think of our favorite gaming moments, we tend to think of things that have a high octane: high-speed racing, chasing, chasing bandits, escaping from people who say defense. armed forcefully, disrupting a massacre at the last moments of an online game …
But there is also another aspect of the game: peaceful games like puzzles, chess, matches, etc. Giving us some essentials and helping us relieve stress at the end of a long day… When we think of our favorite gaming moments, we tend to think of things that have a high octane: high-speed racing, chasing, chasing bandits, escaping from people who say defense. armed forcefully, disrupting a massacre at the last moments of an online game … But there is also another aspect of the game: peaceful games like puzzles, chess, matches, etc. Giving us some essentials and helping us relieve stress at the end of a long day with GamesBX.
I wish you all the relaxation after a tiring day.

Thanks For Reading. See You
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Hard Server / Re: Hi, Freebies on Hard server?
« Last post by IronMike on August 26, 2019, 10:35:37 PM »
done locked
Hard Server / Hi, Freebies on Hard server?
« Last post by PisceS on August 25, 2019, 09:54:14 AM »
Name: Qbix
Class: DL
Set: Dark Master Lk dsr
Weapon: Shining Scepter Lk edr
Technical Support / Re: Server offline?
« Last post by IronMike on August 24, 2019, 08:01:26 PM »
server is on
Technical Support / Server offline?
« Last post by PisceS on August 22, 2019, 10:27:01 AM »
Server will be on again? When... ?
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