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Author Topic: Challenge yourself to Gamesbx's skill sets  (Read 930 times)


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Challenge yourself to Gamesbx's skill sets
« on: December 24, 2019, 07:04:10 AM »
Hello everyone, I am Gamesbx. To become a gamer, first of all your skills must be proficient from typing keyboard to moving buttons on the phone ... So try to join their gaming team (gamers GAMESBX )
Gamesbx games will test every aspect of your gaming talent. You can go back to the old days and try classic levels such as Asteroids, Snake, and thousands of other adventure games that have gone down in history! Shoot enemies in classic 2D games with 8-bit graphics and electronic audio. Or you can come to the 21st century to try dancing or launching rockets. From competition to reflexes, your gaming skills will be tested to the extreme! Quickly complete each challenge and show off your skills to show the world how every true gamer must play!

Each game will challenge you in different ways. Hold your hands to search for a maze in a mouse game! Follow the instructions carefully to avoid ending the game too soon! Test your reflexes in speed challenges. Stack different types of objects in construction games, or some classic action screen! You will also try many types of snake games, or risk your life when mining gold in the ground. You can also throw a doll to inflict extreme damage! Improve your current gaming skills with a series of adventures to assess talent!

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