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Fenrir Creation
« on: July 27, 2019, 07:04:22 PM »
Total Materials
100x Splinter of Armor
100x Bless of Guardian
10x Claw of Beast
7x Jewel of Chaos (JOC)
3x Jewel of Life (JOL)
10M Zen

Step 1
Place and combine 20 SOA, 20 BOG, 1 JOC into the Chaos Goblin in order to produce a Piece of Horn. The success rate of the Piece of Horn should be 70%.

Step 2
Place 5 Pieces of Horn (5 successful step 1 must be completed) and 10 Claw of Beast together with 1 JOC in order to produce a Broken Horn. The success rate of the Broken Horn is 50%.

Step 3
Place 1 Broken Horn, 3 JOL and 1 JOC into the chaos machine to create a Horn of Fenrir. Chaos combination needs 10 million zen. Success rate for this step is 30%.

Upon success a Horn of Fenrir (also known as Red Fenrir) will be created.

Upgrading Fenrir
It is possible to upgrade a regular Fenrir into a protection (blue) or destruction (black) type fenrir. In order to do so an additional chaos combination is required. Note: Keep in mind when upgrading a Fenrir in the Chaos Machine there IS A POSSIBILITY of the creature being destroyed in the process.

How to upgrade
Place all the required materials in the Chaos Machine and upgrade.

1 Horn of Fenrir
5x Jewel of Chaos (JOC)
1x Jewel of Life (JOL)
One or more Level 4 (minimum), Option 4 (minimum) Weapon to create a Destruction Fenrir
One or more Level 4 (minimum), Option 4 (minimum) Armor to create a Protection Fenrir